Saturday, August 09, 2008

People really do win (sorta)

Resumption of posting duties now that my Disney/ABC materials are away. Nothing like having to get releases notarized, figure out what the difference between a "Statement of Interest" and "Autobiographical Summary" is, and finish a House spec before the copy place and post office close for business on a Friday afternoon. But, as it always seems to do, the crucible of the deadline works wonders for upping motivation and producing the necessary work product.

A few odds and ends that caught my eye in the interim:

One spec script sale that's gotten some play this week is first-timer Jason Sullivan's deal with Columbia. I mention it not only for the interesting facts -- Sullivan had to be driven to pitch meetings because his crapped-out car couldn't go more than 45 mph, held down the requisite several jobs at once while cranking out script after script -- but also to read between the lines for people outside L.A. who might think he merely hit the lottery with the sale.

Notice that, first, he studied screenwriting at Loyola Marymount -- both gaining an education in the fundamentals of writing and doing it locally, which couldn't have hurt his networking opportunities. Second, one of his many jobs? Assistant to pro scribe Sheldon Turner. Which is also how he came up with the idea for the script itself (over dinner with Turner and a producer at the boss's house). None of which is to say that a sale like Sullivan's couldn't be made by someone outside Hollywood -- it does happen -- but that the backstory behind these kinds of deals is usually not as cut and dry as the headlines and stories sometimes imply.

Ever have a block on your writing and then, one morning in the shower, you come up with the (now) obvious solution? Ever wonder how that process actually happens in your brain?? This New Yorker article explains it all.

David Milch is God. Hear God speak.


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