Friday, October 27, 2006

Another fellowship that rhymes with Nicholl (kind of)

Although Kira from Fresh Hell won't need to apply, now that she's been accepted into the Warner Brothers Writing Workshop (woo hoo!), for those with an interest in animated or live-action comedy television there is this: the Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship Program. Spec -- funnily -- a current half-hour live action show, or 11 or 30-minute animated series, and maybe get a salaried position for up to a year at Nickelodeon. Where, as a fellow, you'll get experience in writing scripts, pitching new ideas, and all other sorts of tasks related to show development. This fellowship also places an emphasis on cultural and ethnic diversity, so there's that. Submissions for the next period, which begins in October 2007, must be made between January 2 and February 28, 2007. With the holidays coming up, that will be here before you know it.


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