Monday, October 02, 2006

Alright meat, show him your heat

For those in the L.A. area, the always-helpful Infolist gives this heads up for what sounds like a pretty worthy event, courtesy of ScreenplayLab:

"ScreenplayLab Second Annual Pitch Contest

with ICM Executive Story Editor

Chris is back! Our most popular event last year. Check out the prizes this year! ICM executive story editor Christopher Lockhart hosts a live event in which the audience is invited to pitch to him and gets immediate feedback on the effectiveness of their pitches. A documentary that aired last year about Chris and his pitching process was nominated for an Emmy. For the audience this event is a great educational opportunity, a lot to learn whether you pitch or not.

Sunday, October 15, 2006, 3pm to 6pm

Raleigh Studios
Van Ness Gate
Chaplin Theatre
5300 Melrose Avenue (across from Paramount)
Hollywood, California
Free parking available on the street
Parking on the lot, if available, costs $6

Tickets cost $20
Purchase online at:

Chris picks who from the audience pitches during the event. There isn't time for everyone to pitch. Chris decides the winners with the help of audience applause. His decisions are final.

The three finalists with the best pitches get meetings with agents. Getting an agent is the best ticket to success in Hollywood, but how does an unknown writer get a one-on-one meeting with an agent? Finalists get real meetings with agents at the agent's office. (This is not like a pitchfest where you may meet with an agent for five minutes in a noisy room at the event.)

Each finalist will get a meeting with at least one agent. Agents choose which of the three finalists each agent will see. Agents from multiple talent agencies are participating.

The winner also receives a copy of Final Draft software.

Christopher will offer the winner industry coverage on the project.

Each finalist will also get a DVD of the Emmy-nominated documentary 'The Inside Pitch.'

Note there's no actors workshop reading during this special event.

About ScreenplayLab:
ScreenplayLab is a 1,000-member film industry coalition with the mission of making the world a better place through comedy in motion pictures and television. Our workshop readings present 30 new pages from selected scripts that are cast with working actors. More than two dozen actors
and writers have gained agent representation by getting noticed through ScreenplayLab.

Robin Rowe, co-founder

If you're not familiar with Chris Lockhart (and you should be), get thee to his blog, The Inside Pitch, and Two Adverbs site pronto. Both are invaluable online resources on the art of the pitch, logline, and query letter, all of which any screenwriter has to learn (if not completely master) if they hope to effectively market their script and themselves to "the suits." Even if not one of the lucky ones picked by Chris to give it a shot, sounds like it will be worth the price of admission to see how others do it and maybe hear some feedback from the pros on their performances.


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