Saturday, June 17, 2006

Raiders of the lost Arc

So with The Writer's Arc having posted the elements for the first round of the fall fellowship program, and because the doldrums of summer in Los Angeles (where all things can wait until Labor Day) have set in, I'll just link to this post from chilly December last. Wherein I explain the thoughts that went into crafting my previous (successful) first-round submission. Take it for what it's worth. I don't believe there are any hard, fast rules about how closely one is bound to the character, location, and prop elements. Although I chose to contain the action solely in the station location and the dialogue strictly between the two characters in that instance, I may not be quite as limiting this time around. Which is not to say that others will not advance if they are. Creative use of the elements, a demonstration of basic aptitude with the screenwriting style and format, and some ability to squeeze a little bit of storytelling out of your five to ten pages is what I think Amy & Ami are looking for at this stage. Note that the fall program has changed slightly -- $3,000 stipend for ten weeks of rewriting a fellow's second-round feature script, i.e., no starting from scratch on new screenplay ideas -- and good luck to all who enter.


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