Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Screenwriting is rewriting

In case you, or I, had forgotten. And to make doubly sure that I had not, my progress in the Silver Screenwriting Competition was halted at the quarterfinals. The 18 semi-finalists are up. Some consolation in the fact that Julie's reports from the judging process are that it was very competitive even for those semi-finalist spots. For whatever reason, they just weren't into my script. Congratulations to those who are moving on.

Just another reminder that this is also a business of overwhelming rejection punctuated by brief, fleeting moments of acceptance. To wit, "Dreams on Spec."

This documentary from last year details the writing life of three L.A. screenwriters. One has his script in production (but still has to share a co-writing credit with the producer for what appear to be minor changes). Another is hustling to get hers in the hands of the elusive people who can actually produce it. The third is still struggling to really nail the story before it can even go out.

A cautionary or inspiring film, depending on your perspective.