Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The second only makes you wonder

Wow. The extra couple days of waiting to hear from Writer's Arc regarding the finalists for the upcoming fellowship program was nervewracking to be sure. But worth the wait, thankfully, as I'm one of 25 selected to go to the final round. I'm a bit gobsmacked as it was impossible to know what kind of competition my submission was up against. Being the first script I have written, and further being long (129 and 1/2 pages) and talky, and even further being about a subject matter (politics) that doesn't exactly fill the multiplexes on the weekends . . . well, I was unsure up to the moment I received the news. But I think the story is, at its core, a good one and I am reasonably happy with the characterizations and dialogue. So maybe, just maybe, I'm not completely insane for wanting to jump into this volcano after all.

Now I get to pitch my next five ideas for what I might work on as a Writer's Arc Fellow, three to five minutes per idea. Happily, I do have them. I've never pitched anything to anyone in the industry, but I'm trying to convince myself that as an attorney, I've been pitching for a long time, e.g., arguing motions and briefs before judges and trying to convince them to "buy" my argument. That's the theory anyway. We'll see how it goes in practice.

Congratulations also to writergurl, who informs that she too is moving on. Scribosphere represent!

Looks like it's three for three for the screenwriting bloggers as Shawna is into the finals as well. Yay bloggers.


  • Congrats!

    I dunno about you but, I didn't get my email until about 10pm... so even if I (technically) didn't wait longer than you, it sure felt like it!


    Good luck with your pitches!

    By Blogger writergurl, at 8:13 PM  

  • Heh, no it was definitely later than advertised. I went out to have a nice steak dinner at about 9:30 just to get my mind off the added wait.

    In the legal world, we always say things take three times as long as you expect them to, so maybe the biz is not much different.

    By Blogger Chris, at 8:18 PM  

  • Congrats to you to Chris.
    Great effort for first script and getting it this far even though you passed the magical 110/120 bar!

    By Blogger Grubber, at 10:24 PM  

  • Congrats Chris! Let's try to make it an all-scribosphere fellowship, eh? :-)

    By Blogger Shawna, at 11:00 PM  

  • Congrats.....especially considering it's your first script. People always talk about how your first script is going to suck, but I've never bought into that. Apparently you didnt either. Good luck.

    By Blogger writebrother, at 11:40 PM  

  • Thanks for the kind words all.

    Dave: Yeah, I know it's not supposed to break those barriers but considering it was pushing 150 when I finally got all the formatting just so in Word Perfect (no screenwriting program for me yet), I was happy to get it down to where it was at the end of the day it was due. Because it's so dialogue intensive, it's hard for me to tell if it doesn't read longer than it would actually play.

    WB: I can understand the first draft of a first script being crap (mine certainly was) but as they say with musicians, you have your whole life to write your first album. Which is why it's thought so many follow up albums that you only have a year or two to put together always pale in comparison. This one for me has been able to be written in chunks over several years, which I think worked for the material. I'm interested to see how I'll handle the next one, outlined from the start and written in the more traditional 3-4 pages a day manner. Hopefully as a Fellow in the program.

    By Blogger Chris, at 11:59 PM  

  • Hi Chris,
    That's what I think is great. Even though you broke the barriers, they obviously liked it regardless, and didn't let a silly thing like "the correct length" (feel free to use your fingers and do the air quote thing there) worry them, they looked past that.

    Best of luck!

    By Blogger Grubber, at 2:59 PM  

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